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Nissan's JukeCam is a dashcam for adrenaline junkies

Whether you're after safety or thrill seeking, this 4K camera is ready to capture it all.

The Nissan Juke might be on the old side, but the automaker isn't done teaching this dog some new tricks.

The JukeCam is, unsurprisingly, a camera add-on for the Nissan Juke crossover. It records 360-degree footage at up to 4K resolution. Using special mounts, it can attach to either the Juke's dashboard or a helmet for on-the-go recording.

"Star Wars" wonks will appreciate the fact that this camera looks like a star destroyer's shield generator.


As you can tell from the Millennial-friendly video below, the JukeCam is designed for action -- in this case, pogo stick performers. But it can also function as a traditional dashcam, recording drives for either the driver to enjoy later, or making sure a collision has some video evidence. Nissan did not mention a price for the JukeCam.

This isn't the first time Nissan has worked with 360-degree cameras -- sort of. Its Around View Monitor takes footage from multiple exterior cameras and stitches them together to create a view of the area around the vehicle. It's helpful for navigating tricky spaces, like tight parking garages and parallel parking spots.   

While filming of this video, performer Dalton Smith picked up a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive vehicles jumped over on a pogo stick. He crossed over three Jukes with only one bounce between each.