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Nissan's xStorage is a home battery pack like Tesla's Powerwall

Only trouble is, there are no plans to introduce it in the US at the moment.


While it might seem a bit weird right now, using batteries for home storage will likely grow in popularity as battery prices plummet and the auto industry continues its march towards electrification. Tesla has its Powerwall, Mercedes has its own residential battery, and now Nissan's getting in on the game with xStorage.

With prices starting at €4,000 ($4,570, directly converted) for 4.2 kWh hours of juice, it's not going to provide enough electricity to give your Leaf a full off-grid charge. But that's not the point. The point of xStorage, as with other home battery solutions, is to pull power from the grid when it's cheaper, to cut down on utility costs.

Of course, this battery requires professional installation, but once it's plugged in, it seems pretty easy to keep yourself from being charged peak utility rates. There's even a corresponding smartphone app that lets you shift from grid power to battery power without having to touch a physical switch. It's also quite attractive, so it won't be a total eyesore, like a water heater, tucked away in a closet somewhere.

Per Engadget, Nissan has no plans to introduce the xStorage, which is codeveloped with Eaton, to the US, so Tesla will continue to carry the largest home-battery cachet in the States. But if you're in Europe, this could be a great way to cut down on your bills -- if you can swallow the upfront cost, natch.