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Nissan video series details the Juke-R's construction

Nissan wants you to know that building a Juke-R is no simple shadetree engine swap that you can pull off in your garage.


When we last spoke of the Nissan Juke-R concept, I'd mentioned that Nissan was planning wholesale importing of the Nissan GT-R's power train into the smaller, lighter Juke chassis. However, Nissan wants you to know that this is no simple shadetree engine swap that you can pull off in your garage, so the company's produced a YouTube video series detailing the process.

It all starts with a Nissan Juke that gets its entire floorpan cut out and rebuilt to accommodate the more complex ATTESA E-PRO drivetrain and its dashboard restructured to make room for the GT-R's touch-screen monitoring system.

Nissan Juke-R mule
The shortened GT-R power train will be tested on the GT-R chassis before the swap happens. Nissan

Meanwhile, a donor Nissan GT-R is undergoing testing with a significantly shortened drivetrain to make sure that everything works before being ripped out and slapped under carefully transplanted into the prepped Juke-R. In the videos, you can clearly see this odd-looking test mule with its rear wheels pushed 50mm ahead of where they normally sit.

Check out the first two videos in the series below to see and hear about the process for yourself, and stay tuned for more details about what is arguably one of the weirdest vehicles from the madmen over at Nissan.