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Nissan unveils high-performance Juke Nismo Concept

The amped-up, beefier version of the crossover could enter production.


Lacking the power of the Juke-R, but the Juke Nismo might see production.

Nissan plans to expand its high performance line of vehicles, and it's targeting the crossover market to do it. The auto manufacturer unveiled the Juke Nismo Concept at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, announcing that the crossover could get the green light if it proves popular.

The Nissan Juke Nismo concept is a toned-down version of the Juke-R exercise the manufacturer has been promoting through a series of online videos. While the Juke-R borrows the heart and soul of the GT-R to become a compact SUV on steroids, the Juke Nismo is more like a crossover on Adderall.

Its chassis has been lowered and stiffened, and the 1.6-liter turbo engine has been given some unnamed performance treatments to enhance power and speed, although Nissan didn't say by how much. Bigger wheels and an aerodynamic body kit give it a slightly more aggressive stance.

The Juke Nismo concept sports larger wheels and an aerodynamic body kit.
The Juke Nismo comcept sports larger wheels and an aerodynamic body kit. Nissan

The concept unveiling coincided with Nissan's announcement that it will be expanding the Nismo lineup to include more mainstream vehicles. For the moment, the Nismo treatment has been limited to sports models, such as Nissan's Z-series, but as crossovers begin overtaking sedans and sports cars in popularity, the Juke could be next.

"It depends on the reaction at the Tokyo Motor Show," Chiaki Sumi, chief project specialist for the Juke, said in a news statement. "If it's quite positive, we'll consider introducing it into the market."

Even if it doesn't, you can recreate some of the concept on your own--Nissan said some Juke Nismo parts will be available in the Nismo catalog.