Nissan built the ultimate Titan XD work truck for Habitat for Humanity

The Ultimate Work Titan has it all, even a desk with file storage and a printer in the back seat!

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Long gone are the days when a questionably rusty Datsun pickup represented the ultimate work truck, because this is the grille of the new Ultimate Work Titan.


Nissan and Habitat For Humanity are teamed up to build the ultimate work truck for the Work Truck Show in Indiana this year, and the results are pretty cool.

Despite the Nissan Titan being old as hell, the XD version with its Cummins-designed V8 diesel engine is pretty awesome, and that's why it was chosen to serve as the basis for the ultimate work truck. But aside from a burly diesel engine and a big ol' truck body, what else does a work truck need?

To find out, Nissan polled thousands of Habitat for Humanity volunteers all over the country and the three big suggestions that kept coming up included real off-road ability (because hey, job sites get muddy), an interior that feels like a mobile office and a bed that is loaded with easy-to-access tools and ladders as well as lockable storage bins.

We're guessing that former president and noted Habitat for Humanity booster Jimmy Carter suggested they add a fro-yo machine and mint dental floss dispenser in the cab, but apparently, that's a generational thing and likely didn't go over well.

Anyway, with the volunteers' suggestions in hand, Nissan went to work. It started by equipping the truck with a 3-inch lift kit, bigger and more aggressive Nitto tires, a winch and tons of LED work lights. It also added a ton of other cool features like Bedslide rails -- which allow easy access to stuff in the bed without climbing in -- and lockable tool boxes galore.

Inside the truck, Nissan added a 13-inch laptop and printer before turning the back seat into a real mobile office with a desk and file cabinets. We're not sure, but having spent a little time in the back of a Titan, we're guessing it helps to be smol if you're going to be working back there.

Compared to some of the goofy custom Titans that Nissan has done in the past, this one feels like it's well-thought-out and reasonably practical for its intended use, plus we're 100 percent behind anything that benefits a charity like Habitat for Humanity. If you're in Indianapolis, the Ultimate Work Titan will be on display until March 8.

Nissan and Habitat for Humanity built the Ultimate Work Titan

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