Nissan lets you know what size TV will fit in each of its SUVs ahead of the big game

You might not want to take your Kicks to pick up your new 75-incher.

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This isn't exactly the weather for strapping televisions to car roofs, so, stick with the cargo area.


Trying to fit a brand new television into a car can be an exercise in frustration. Ahead of this year's big game -- I think you know the one -- put together a handy little document to give you an idea of how much TV your car can handle.

Nissan on Thursday put together a size guide for Nissan SUVs , estimating just how much television can fit inside each of their vehicles. Here's what they determined each can handle, assuming the television is still in its original packaging:

  • : Up to 32 inches
  • , : Up to 50 inches
  • : Up to 50 inches
  • : Up to 55 inches
  • : Up to 58 inches
  • Titan: Up to 75 inches

According to Nissan's press release, experts recommend placing a new television upright (even in the box) in a vehicle to prevent damage, which is why you probably have anecdotal evidence that vehicles can fit larger televisions than that. Heck, I once dragged home a 50-inch television in the back seat of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. It was mostly upright.

Nissan cites the National Retail Foundation when it says the time just before the big game -- I think you know the one -- is the best time to get a deal on a new television, except for Black Friday . With that in mind, we are CNET, so don't forget to check out one of our many best-television lists to help you pick the TV that best suits your needs.

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