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Nissan turns two Jukes into loudest mobile DJ station

Calling it the "world's most powerful sound system on the road," Nissan and Ministry of Sound debut Juke Box at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend.

Nissan Juke Box

Your car's bass may set off car alarms and wake babies, but compared to Nissan's Juke Box, it is no more than the sound of a pin dropped onto a carpeted floor. The Nissan Juke Box project boasts sound louder than a 747 taking off.

Nissan's exhibition audio system features not one but two Jukes, each fitted with two 18-inch subwoofers topped by arrays of mid- and high-frequency speakers. Nissan rates the system at 150 decibels from 18,900 watts.

Rather than just dump speakers and amps into the Jukes, Nissan worked with London's Ministry of Sound, a club that boasts one of the best audio systems in the world. Ministry of Sound brought in Martin Audio, the designers of its club's system, to build custom cabinets and fit the speakers and amps into the Jukes.

The intention was to create a very loud system that retains excellent audio quality.

Rather than play music off either of the Juke's head units, the system is designed to be hooked up to a mobile DJ station. The sound projects from the open rear hatches of the Jukes.

The Juke Box, as Nissan calls the whole system, will tour Europe after its Le Mans debut. The Ministry of Sound will also host a Web radio station on its site playing recorded sessions from the Juke Box every other Monday night from 5 to 7 p.m., GMT.