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Nissan Titan lift kit adds 3 inches, retains warranty

Best of all, it's a totally bolt-on solution, no major modifications necessary.

This is the kind of getting high that won't incur steep DWI penalties.


More often than not, if you want to lift your pickup truck, you'll have to buy a lift kit that either requires some vehicle modifications or could void your manufacturer's warranty. That's no longer the case with Nissan's full-size pickup.

Nissan announced this week that it will offer factory-backed lift kits for Titan and Titan XD pickups with 4WD and a crew cab. The automaker didn't create the kit itself -- it relied on Icon Vehicle Dynamics for that -- but it will offer the kits through Nissan dealerships.

Installing the lift kit is about a four-hour job at the dealership. The kit includes a new set of coilover shock absorbers with an adjustable height setting (for a lift up to 3 inches), new rod end bearings and something called Delta Joints. Best of all, it requires no body modification whatsoever -- it's a simple bolt-on affair.

The kit doesn't affect the truck's payload or tow capacity, and since it's such a simple addition, it also retains Nissan's factory warranty -- five years or 100,000 miles, bumper to bumper, in case you forgot.

Nissan didn't make any mention of the price, but it lands at dealers in the spring.