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Nissan teases mystery SUV concept for Tokyo Motor Show

"Intelligent Mobility" concept is likely powered by electricity and packed with some level of self-driving tech.

Nissan Tokyo Mystery SUV concept teaser

Nissan is setting the stage for its presence at the Tokyo Motor Show with a teaser for what looks to be a rakish crossover SUV concept. 

The Japanese automaker has been rumored to be expanding its Leaf electric car into a family of vehicles for some time now, and an SUV would seem to be a natural extension, given the global buying public's seemingly insatiable appetite for all things softroader. Whether the vehicle seen here is just such a model is unclear.

As seen here in a shadowy outline featuring an unusual blue-tinged light signature, the show car appears to have a radically tapered roofline, oversized wheels and, more than likely, four doors. So far, the company isn't providing many hints about exactly what's in store at the biennial exposition next week, other than to say the mystery machine "embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility."

The latter suggests the concept vehicle will be both electric and feature some level of Piloted Drive autonomous or semiautonomous capability. Nissan's Intelligent Mobility vision for zero-emission, zero-fatality motoring was unveiled at last year's Geneva Motor Show, and electrification and self-driving technology are the two key pillars of this company-wide initiative.

Nissan's as-yet-unnamed concept will bow at the biennial exposition next Wednesday, Oct. 25, alongside other company reveals that include a racier Nismo version of the company's aforementioned Leaf, as well as an electrified development of the Serena, a Japan-only minivan.