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Nissan set to unveil Vision Gran Turismo concept Monday

Nissan promises a new performance concept for Monday, likely a real-life Vision Gran Turismo car for the Gran Turismo 6 racing game, and possibly a hint at the next-generation GT-R.

LOS ANGELES (June 10, 2014) – On Monday, June 16, we will reveal the next chapter in our Nissan story to an audience that has always shared our passion for performance.
Nissan Vision Gran Turismo
Nissan released this teaser photo of its Vision Gran Turismo concept, set for an official unveiling on Monday. Nissan

Nissan spent the last couple of years introducing new generations of its Sentra , Versa , and Altima cars that provide solid, everyday transport. Now, the company seems ready to remind the world of its performance credentials with a new car to be shown off on Monday in Los Angeles.

Last week Nissan released a desktop wallpaper showing each of its models that have been included in the Gran Turismo video game series, including an open spot for the car to be unveiled next week. That seems a clear sign the car will be a Vision Gran Turismo concept that players of the game can download and race.

This week, Nissan released a teaser photo for the new car, and promises an unveiling on Monday.

This week's picture reveals a car with the kind of extreme design that would fit a Vision Gran Turismo concept. However, it also includes design notes that could make it a conceptual forerunner of the next GT-R.

The cab and headlights shown in the teaser photo resemble current GT-R styling. Doing away with a conventional grille, the car uses aggressive front air intakes built into the fenders and nose, along with side air intake in front of the rear wheels. The body shape looks like it has been designed specifically for aerodynamic performance.

The launch of a Vision Gran Turismo model would follow other automakers, such as Mercedes-Benz, which showed off its own Vision Gran Turismo at last year's Los Angeles auto show.