Nissan releases Android, BlackBerry versions of Leaf EV app

Android and BlackBerry apps join the iOS version of Nissan's app for the Leaf electric vehicle.

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Nissan Leaf app for Android (hands-on)

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Nissan has just launched a pair of apps for the Android and BlackBerry platforms that put control and information about the automaker's electric Leaf at owners' fingertips.

The app connects to the vehicle via the CarWings system that is present in all Nissan Leafs (Leaves? Leafii?) and features a tabbed interface that is broken into six major sections. The Home tab is where you can view your Leaf's current battery level, whether the car is plugged in or not, and how long a quick, normal, or trickle charge will take. The Home screen also displays a graph with the estimated driving range at the current charge level with adjustments for whether or not you intend to use the climate control system.

From the Charge tab you can remotely initiate charging if the Leaf is parked and connected to a supported charging point, but is currently not drawing current because it hasn't been scheduled to charge. The Climate tab lets you activate the Leaf's climate control system while the vehicle is plugged in, so that the air conditioner or heater can do its work with power from the grid rather than battery power, which increases the electric vehicle's range. You can also schedule a time in the future when the climate control will activate.

From the Update, Contact, and Settings tabs you can manually update the app with current vehicle status, contact Nissan Leaf customer support and roadside assistance, and adjust reminder and notification settings, respectively.

The Nissan Leaf apps for Android and BlackBerry join the iOS version, which has been around since shortly after the Leaf's launch. If you're a Leaf owner and an Android or BlackBerry user, this free app is a no-brainer. If you're a prospective Leaf owner (or are just curious), a Demo mode will let you poke around in the app's menus. Download it now from the Android Market or BlackBerry App World.