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Nissan recalls 341,000 Altimas for doors that might open at speed

You want some fresh air on the highway? How about a whoooole lot of it?

2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV
Andrew Krok/Roadshow

You'd think a door latch would be a pretty rock-solid piece of car tech by this point. But a new recall from Nissan shows that isn't necessarily the case.

Nissan has issued a recall for 341,005 examples of the 2015-2017 Altima sedan. The vehicles in question were manufactured between September 17, 2015 and October 6, 2016. The recall was originally submitted to the feds on January 18 of this year.

Nissan gave the Altima a pretty hefty refresh in 2016.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

The issue rests within the rear passenger door panel. The latch-lock cable for the door might be improperly routed, and it may interfere with the power window regulator. If that interference occurs, the rear passenger door might open when the switch is pressed to lower that window. Doors that open at speed can, obviously, increase the risk of injury.

The fix isn't very complicated. Nissan's dealers will add a harness protector patch to permit proper cable routing. The latch-lock cable assembly and door sealing screen might also be replaced.

As with every other recall submitted to the government, Nissan will send owners first-class mail notifications, but it has not provided a specific timetable for that. It promised to notify all owners within 60 days of the recall's submission, so it should be happening in the near future. Thankfully, winter is not a great time to be opening car windows.