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Nissan pits Juke against swimsuit models

In a series of Web videos, Nissan shows how the Juke performs against Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.


Sexy models draped over new cars is more county fair than serious auto show, but Nissan has paired up with Sports Illustrated for the ultimate in pandering, pitting the new Juke against swimsuit models in a series of "tests."

In four videos, the Juke competes against different swimsuit models in the areas of acceleration, aerodynamics, slalom (agility), and curb appeal. These videos are part of Nissan's "Model vs. Model" campaign.

But there is more to the campaign than a few amusing videos. Visitors to the Sports Illustrated Model Search site, which goes live the evening of February 14, will be able to vote on eight models for the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The voting runs from February 15 to March 9, and will determine which model gets into the magazine.

Here are all the Juke test videos:
Curb appeal