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Nissan Nismo is a Galaxy Gear-style smart watch in your car

Coming up fast behind the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch that talks to your phone is the Nissan Nismo -- a smart watch for your car.


The Samsung Galaxy Gear exploded onto the scene last week, the first of a new generation of high-tech watches that talks to your phone. And coming up fast on an overtaking line, honking its horn and flashing its lights impatiently, comes the Nissan Nismo -- a watch that talks to your car.

In a KITT-like synergy of man and automobile, the Nismo monitors both driver and car, tracking your heart rate and temperature as well as the car's average speed and fuel consumption.

Unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Nismo straps on your wrist and connects to cars like the Juke Nismo and 370Z Nismo via Bluetooth. Horrifically, it can report your driving activity to your social networks, but on behalf of your friends I beg you to put the brakes on that.

Controlled by two buttons on the case, it'll tell you when to pay extra attention to road conditions and when to think about getting the car looked at.

Like KITT in its more condescending moments, the watch can even admonish you to slow down if your heart rate climbs too far.

The watch comes in black, white, and A-Team van black with red trim. The battery is reported to last more than a week.

The Nismo watch is the first of a planned series of next-generation gadgets from Nissan, which will one day be able to monitor your brainwaves to see if you're concentrating on the road, your heart patterns to see if you're nodding off, and your skin temperature to check you're properly hydrated. Other options we'd like to see include a voice-activated turboboost and a regular notification that it's time for another boiled sweet.

Are watches the future of technology? Is a smart watch clever car tech or a driving distraction? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or burn rubber to our Facebook page -- and for more of the coolest cars check out the new car smell of our brand spanking new automotive extravaganza XCAR.