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Nissan Leaf reservations begin Tuesday

Nissan North America, Inc. will begin taking reservations for the Nissan Leaf zero-emission, all-electric vehicle on April 20.


Nissan announced it will be taking reservations for the Leaf electric car. Nissan will be accepting $99 reservation fees from folks who have registered on, the company said.

According to a news release, more than 115,000 people have formalized their interest in driving the Leaf.

"Early interest in the Nissan Leaf has been highly encouraging," said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Nissan North America. "People from across the country have raised their hands to be among the first to drive home a Nissan Leaf. Consumers are pledging broad support for the first affordable electric vehicle for the mass market."

Reservations will open to the general public on May 15. Folks interested in the reservation process can call 1-877-664-2738.