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Nissan Leaf adds energy-efficient Bose stereo for 2013

Bose engineers designed a low-energy-use audio system for the Nissan Leaf electric car, available as part of a premium package on 2013 models.

Nissan Leaf Bose audio system
Nissan will offer a new Bose seven speaker audio system in the 2013 Leaf.
Nissan Leaf Bose audio system
Nissan will offer a new Bose seven-speaker audio system in the 2013 Leaf. Bose

The days of bragging about a car stereo's wattage may be coming to an end. Bose has developed a new audio system for the Nissan Leaf that focuses on reduced electricity usage. The new system will be available as an option on 2013 models.

As current battery technology limits electric-vehicle range, automakers look for savings in auxiliary systems, and get rid of niceties such as power-adjustable seats. Bose's proposition for the Leaf is that you can still have good sound quality without a hugely powerful amp.

Six speakers and a subwoofer make up the loudspeaker part of the system. Along with low-power performance, each speaker has been designed for minimal weight. Bose puts a 4.5-inch subwoofer in back, which rests in a 6.2-liter bass box. There are 1-inch tweeters in the A pillars and 6.5-inch wide-range speakers in the front doors. Rear-seat passengers will have to suffer with 5.25-inch wide-range speakers in the rear doors.

Bose claims its seven-channel amp uses much less electricity and runs cooler than ones with similar output. It also takes up less of the Leaf's cabin space.

Bose is not the first company to design an energy-efficient stereo. Toyota offers JBL GreenEdge systems in some of its hybrid vehicles. The GreenEdge system in the Prius comes with eight speakers, and JBL says its 120-watt output equals the sound of 600-watt systems.

The new Bose premium audio system will be available in 2013 Nissan Leaf SV and SL models. It comes as part of a $1,050 Premium package that also includes a surround-view camera.