Nissan Kicks Surf concept packs a changing booth and a shower

It's the second surf-themed concept from Nissan in the past year.

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It would have been nice if Nissan, you know, included pictures of the portable shower or changing booth. Can't win 'em all, I guess.


Nissan clearly has a thing for the water. Last July, it unveiled the Titan Surfcamp show car, and now, there's a surf-themed following in its footsteps.

Nissan this week unveiled the Kicks Surf concept. Designed as the ultimate companion for a surfer on the go, the Kicks Surf packs a few additions that will likely be right up the alley of anyone hunting down waves, or whatever else it is surfers do. The design comes from Nissan's Latin America satellite design studio, where it's just a bit warmer than the US is right now.

The exterior is gussied up with blue paint and yellow-green accents on the roof, lower body panels and grille. A set of crossbars above the roof is the perfect place to store a surfboard. As if the paint color weren't on the nose enough, Nissan also added some ocean-wave-ish graphics to the side of the concept. Interior details are a bit lower-key, with some blue stitching that complements the exterior color and not a whole lot else.

But the paint isn't what makes this concept interesting -- it's what's hidden away. There's a rear deck for holding wetsuits and other accessories. The Kicks Surf also hides a changing booth and a portable shower system, which is perfect for beaches off the beaten path without, you know, changing booths and showers. Nissan also added a waterproof wristband that doubles as a key, because taking keys surfing with you sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The Kicks is a bit more rooted in reality than the Titan Surfcamp, focusing on purchasable aftermarket add-ons like LED lights, a more aggressive front bumper and an automatically deploying tent.

Winter can be over now, please.

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