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Nissan Juke set to debut in New York

Nissan announces its new Juke small crossover vehicle for the U.S. and Europe.

Nissan Juke
Nissan teases the Juke small crossover. Nissan

Nissan announced that its new small crossover, the Juke, will debut at the upcoming New York auto show, foreshadowing North American sales beginning in fall of this year. The car will also launch in Europe, with a debut at the Geneva auto show.

From the teaser photo, the Juke looks somewhat like the Kia Soul, but with a more swept-back roofline. Its front and rear fenders are large in proportion to the car, giving it a concept look. The rear doors hide their handles in the C pillar, giving it a smooth look.

The front of the Juke resembles the upcoming Nissan Leaf electric car, with signal lights set in big ridges on the fenders. The headlights have a frog-like look, inset on either side of the grille, if we're interpreting the teaser photos correctly.

As the Juke is a small car, we expect it to get the same 1.8-liter four cylinder engine that powers the current Versa and Cube. That engine is good for 122 horsepower.