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Nissan's Color Studio now includes the compact Versa Note

The program allows buyers to give their vehicles a good deal of extra personalization.

Halloween can last 365 days a year if you opt for a black-and-orange getup like the one seen here.


Automakers are always keen to let buyers add personalized touches to their new cars, but many of these bespoke services are limited to cars on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Nissan bucked that trend when it introduced Color Studio for its Juke compact crossover. Now, that program is moving to yet another diminutive ride, the Versa Note hatchback, and it'll debut at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Color Studio, which started last year, lets buyers upgrade individual vehicle accessories with several different color choices. For the Versa Note, 13 different parts can be colored one of six different ways -- black, white, red, orange, black-purple and faux carbon fiber.

Outside, you can add some color to the car's 15-inch alloy wheels, wheel center caps, front lip spoiler, door handles, side mirror caps and roof spoiler. Inside, you can brighten up the floor mats, side sill plates, speaker rings, air vent surrounds, rearview mirror cover and interior trim pieces. The program is a la carte, so you don't have to change parts you don't want to.

Buyers can also lump the cost of parts into the vehicle's purchase or lease agreement, so it's all part of the monthly payment. Considering the Versa Note starts under $15,000, it's a good way to get a personalized car without having to shell out the price of a house for a Rolls-Royce Ghost with your choice of wood veneer. Nissan has a Color Studio website for you to play around with different color options, and it will include a Versa Note section starting on November 17.