Nissan Armada Snow Patrol concept beats snow into submission

If the Armada wasn't already prepared for the white stuff, it sure as heck is now.

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Man, I would have loved something like this over the last few months.


The Chicago Auto Show is always held in the midst of some awful Midwestern weather. It's no wonder, then, that always loves debuting snow-themed concepts in the Second City.

Nissan debuted two new concepts at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, one of which is the Armada Snow Patrol seen here. The automaker wanted to build an Armada that's even more capable in the winter than the base model is, and it succeeded without having to add that much.

The most obvious upgrade is the rollers -- the Armada SP rocks a set of 20-by-9-inch Cognito Series 61 wheels in satin black, and the wheels are wrapped in 35-inch Pro Comp MT2 off-road tires. Mixed with the Armada's 4WD system, it doesn't matter if the snow is powder or packed -- the Armada SP can handle it.

The body received a few mods, as well. There's a new Smittybilt front bumper with a grille protector, to which a 12,000-pound winch has been fitted. LED light bars will just about blind anyone in the car's way, and some beefier running boards should keep the body from picking up too many scars. Inside, Nissan focused on making things a bit cushier. There's a set of Katzkin leather-wrapped front seats with perforated inserts, contrasting stitching and a set of Armada Snow Patrol badges.

Under the hood, the Armada sports the same 390-horsepower, 5.6-liter V8 that the standard car has. It can tow 8,500 pounds with the right equipment, which means it can tow Nissan's other Chicago concept, the 370Zki. Talk about a power couple.

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