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Nissan and Toyota: Big video teases

Ahead of the 2012 North American International Auto Show, Toyota and Nissan release videos hinting at, but showing nothing of, their respective concept cars, the NS4 and Pathfinder.

Toyota NS4 concept headlight
This photo reveals the headlight of the NS4, adding a major piece of information to the video. Toyota

In the week before the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Toyota and Nissan both release videos on the Internet that show virtually nothing of the new concepts the companies will show.

Nissan previously released a photo of its dramatic (its word, not mine) new Pathfinder concept. Today, Nissan released a video on the Pathfinder micro-site. But the video shows so little it actually seems to take away some of the previous information offered up.

Over some pleasant music, Nissan's video shows a sky view through different terrains, going from day to night. I can only conclude that the new Pathfinder will be a convertible.

Toyota showed a bit more imagination, but still revealed very little about its NS4 plug-in hybrid concept, to be unveiled in Detroit. From Toyota's teaser, the NS4 seems to rely on hexagons and people made from fiber optics. And with the amount of sparkly lights in the video, I'm assuming the NS4 will be like one of those stretch limos with a starlight ceiling.

Toyota's video does reveal, 32 seconds in, a new drive mode selector that I would much prefer to the current little lever in the Prius.

I will be getting a much more informative look at these cars next week, at the 2012 Detroit auto show.