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Nissan issues a third round of ABS pump recalls over fire concerns

The recall includes the Murano, Maxima, Pathfinder and the Infiniti QX-60.

2019 Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition
The Pathfinder is one of the latest vehicles to get caught up in Nissan's extensive ABS pump recall.
Chris Paukert/Roadshow

Nissan has issued a recall for 2015-2018 Muranos, 2016-2018 Maximas, 2017-2019 Pathfinders and even the Pathfinder-based Infiniti QX-60 over concerns that they could catch fire. Nissan registered the recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Nov. 8.

Specifically, the cars' antilock brake pump can leak brake fluid onto a circuit board, causing a short, and then in the worst-case scenario, catching fire. If this recall sounds familiar, that's because it is. Nissan has issued two other recalls for the same problem for other vehicles, but this ABS pump seems to be the crappy gift that keeps on giving.

On the first time around the dance floor with this issue in 2016, Nissan recalled around 130,000 vehicles. In its second appearance in 2018, it was even bigger, with 215,000 owners getting a notice. This time? Try 450,000 cars. We're not sure how many owners have actually experienced a fire, but we'd expect the number to be small.

In its recall notice, Nissan said that owners of vehicles with illuminated ABS lights -- one of the symptoms of a leaky pump -- could begin receiving their notifications as early as Dec. 2. They can also look forward to a second set of notices slated to go out next summer when more replacement parts become available.

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