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Nissan teases wintry 370Zki concept for Chicago

Detroit didn't steal all the surprises this year.

If there's one thing Nissan loves doing, it's attaching snow tracks to its cars. It did so with the Winter Warrior concepts, and it appears this might happen again with the 370Zki concept.

Nissan teased the 370Zki concept in a short video ahead of its debut at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. Pronounced "370-Ski" but very, very difficult to type out quickly, Nissan didn't say exactly what the 370Zki is, but automakers are creatures of habit and all those tracks in the snow sure make it seem like Nissan's strapped snow tracks to yet another car.

It might be a bit old hat, but seeing a sports car slice through powder like a banker in the 1980s sounds like a good time. Plus, Nissan needs to do something with the 370Z -- its sole affordable sports car (if you think the GT-R is affordable, I'll send you my crypto wallet address) is nearly a decade old, and it appears the car will hold the course until Nissan figures out what to do with it.