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Nismo tunes the untunable Nissan GT-R

Nissan's Nismo performance division releases Club Sport Package for the GT-R.

Nismo Club Sport chassis package
Nismo Club Sport chassis package Nismo

When the Nissan GT-R was released, Nissan's engineers famously stated that the vehicle was the apex of Nissan performance, its systems so well integrated that any traditional go-faster mods would in fact make the car slower. According to sources at, Nissan's Nismo tuning division didn't get the memo since it just released the Nismo Club Sport Package for the Nissan GT-R in Japan.

The Club Sport package actually consists of three smaller packages, a chassis package, a sport seat package, and exhaust package.

Nismo Club Sport Titanium Exhaust
Nismo Club Sport Titanium Exhaust

The chassis package consists of 20 inch forged monoblock aluminum wheels manufactured by Rays Wheels specifically for the GT-R, sticky Bridgestone RE070R tires, and Bilstein Damptronic coilover dampers and springs that are compatible with the GT-R's three mode suspension controller.

Moving on, the sport seat package isn't much of a package, as it consists of a pair of carbon fiber shelled, leather wrapped Recaro sport bucket seats.

Finally, the exhaust package consists of a lightweight titanium exhaust and carbon-fiber-ducted rear diffuser to replace the standard rear diffuser.

All together, the Club Sport package retails for 5,460,000 yen (about $50k), which is a very high price to make the world's fastest and most exclusive Nissan slightly faster and more exclusive. All parts are warrantied by Nismo even if used on the race track, with the catch that after each track event the vehicle must brought by a licensed Nismo dealer to be inspected.