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NFC-enabled car keys do more than open doors

NXP Semiconductor launched KeyLink Lite, a near field communications-enabled car key that can help you find your car and help diagnose that weird engine sound.


You carry your car keys everywhere, so you may as well put them to work. NXP Semiconductor launched KeyLink Lite, a near field communications-enabled car key that can do a lot more than just unlock doors and start the car.

The KeyLink Lite transfers data between a vehicle and mobile devices or computers. Based on NFC standards and utilizing the 13.56MHz frequency and cryptography, the multifunction car key lets users wave the smart key over an NFC-enabled device to access data. The KeyLink Lite securely stores sensitive data, such as the car's GPS coordinates or destination directions, and safely transfers the data to another device, such as a tablet or mobile phone.

The single-chip smart-key solution will let manufacturers offer a range of new features for vehicles. NXP's KeyLink Lite offers the following capabilities:

  • Car Finder: Using a parked car's last GPS coordinates, the key works with map services, such as Google Maps, to pinpoint the location of a vehicle.
  • Route Planner: Drivers can use the key as sort of a flash drive that transfers route information and directions between a mobile device or computer and a vehicle's navigation system.
  • Car Status and Service Data Management: The smart key records service history and current vehicle statistics, such as mileage or fuel levels.
  • Car Self-Diagnosis: Drivers can upload their vehicle's data stored on the smart key to perform their own service diagnostics.
  • Car Personalization: If auto manufacturers prefit cars with locked upgraded features, drivers can purchase permission codes online, using their smart key to unlock the new features.

NXP's technology does not, however, solve the problem of lost car keys. KeyLink Lite won't find itself between the cushions of your couch.

Source: Telematics News