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Next-Gen Honda Sensing 360 Driver Aids Coming to the US by 2030

This suite will include some degree of handsfree capability.

Honda Sensing 360
Don't worry, the US version will undoubtedly be in English.

Honda Sensing, the automaker's suite of active and passive driver aids, has steadily made its way across the automaker's entire lineup, offering a host of standard safety systems that can prevent accidents and reduce the tedium of commuting. The next generation of Honda Sensing is expected to arrive in the US in the next few years, and the technology looks promising.

Honda this week announced that the next-generation Honda Sensing 360 suite will land in the US in the latter half of this decade, before becoming standard on every new Honda and Acura by 2030. This includes the standard Honda Sensing 360 suite and Honda Sensing Elite, which carries even more advanced capabilities.

Honda Sensing 360 currently includes all the usual safety systems you're used to seeing -- automatic emergency braking, active lane-change assist, lane-departure warning, all that good stuff. Its next iteration will also include handsfree driving tech, including single-lane operation and lane changes. It will also add an exit warning, to prevent you from opening a door into traffic or cyclists, and an emergency support system that can pull the vehicle over if the driver is unresponsive.

While the Honda Legend development vehicle wearing this new tech may look a little chunky, all that additional hardware will likely end up hidden behind body panels when it's ready for production.


Honda Sensing Elite takes things a step further by bringing artificial intelligence into the equation. While details remain light, Honda Sensing Elite promises to "recognize complex situations and handle more complex driving environments, such as on non-expressways," according to Honda's release. The automaker included a couple specific examples, such as handsfree traffic-jam operation on non-highways, as well as automatically parking and exiting a home garage.

Honda Sensing 360's expansion will start arriving on Chinese vehicles this year, with sequential rollouts to follow in additional markets in the years to follow.