New Volkswagen T-Roc teaser shows off its svelte style

The outside is lookin' pretty darn sharp.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Volkswagen won't debut the T-Roc until August 23, and it has (at least) one more teaser in store before the big day.

VW's latest trailer gives us our best look yet at the small crossover's exterior. There are some gratuitous badge and taillight shots, but we also get a peek at the chrome element that follows the top of the windows, as well as a quick glimpse of the rear end's shape. It's looking good, and a little coupe-like.

We also get another brief glimpse at its interior. Since it's based on the same platform as the Golf, a lot of the Golf's angular elements appear in the T-Roc's cabin, too. As a person who owns a new Golf, it's a good place to spend a few hours, and the T-Roc should be the same.

It's believed that the T-Roc won't actually appear in the US until 2019. Riding on the same MQB platform as the Golf, the T-Roc should be much smaller than the midsize Tiguan. No matter the size, Americans have an insatiable lust for crossovers right now, so the T-Roc will fit in just fine.

Volkswagen T-Roc concept is ready for fun in the sun

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