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New Range Rover Evoque teased in wireframe ahead of Nov. 22 debut

The real thing will, presumably, not be made of wire.

I wonder what Land Rover is going to do with its 1:1-scale wireframes after the debut. It'd make a good decoration for my lawn.
Land Rover

You might have to squint a little bit, but these wireframe teasers give us a pretty good idea of what the next-generation Range Rover Evoque will look like.

After a lengthy first generation, the time has come for Land Rover to roll out a new Range Rover Evoque. It plans to do exactly that on Nov. 22, but until then, the company has been teasing Brits with these wireframe sculptures, which will be on display across London until the reveal.

While the wires obviously don't give everything away, I can see at least one major change up front. The recess for the headlights now seems to blend directly with the grille. That's an evolution of Land Rover's current design, which relies on slightly larger grilles than the opening seen on the teaser. While the general silhouette stays the same -- a high beltline and a short, sloping roof -- the rear looks a bit smoother, borrowing some elements from Range Rover's excellent Velar.

The current Range Rover Evoque starts at $41,800 for a four-door variant -- the two-door coupe is gone, but you can still snag a two-door Evoque Convertible for $52,100. Most trims make do with a 237-horsepower 2.0-liter I4 gas engine, but the HSE Dynamic and Autobiography trims get 286 horsepower from the same engine. It wouldn't be unreasonable to hope that the next-generation Evoque borrows the plug-in hybrid drivetrain from its bigger siblings, but we'll find out more in just over a week.