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New Porsche 911 shows up with seven-speed manual

Porsche will launch an update to its 911 model at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show. This new car sheds weight and gets more gears.

2012 Porsche 911
The new 911 gets a seven speed manual transmission.
2012 Porsche 911
The new 911 gets a seven-speed manual transmission. Porsche

Unlike many sport luxury carmakers, Porsche has managed to keep its signature model, the 911, small and lightweight. When we tested the current 911 GTS, we were impressed by the car's ability to dance around corners and out-run BMWs, while at the same time turning in very good fuel economy.

For the 2012 model year, Porsche is updating the 911, although you would hardly know it from looking at the bodywork. The overall design remains the same, but Porsche managed to shed 100 pounds from the car.

And along with Porsche's double-clutch gearbox, the PDK, this new 911 can be had with a seven-speed manual transmission. This is the first production car to boast more than six gears with a manual stick. The extra gear should contribute to greater fuel economy, along with driver confusion depending on how well Porsche designed the gate.

Porsche will officially unveil the new 911 at next month's Frankfurt auto show.

CNET Australia has more details on the new 911, with a set of photos showing the exterior and interior. Check out the full post at CNET Australia.