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New Navman S-Series at the Motor Show

Under the bright lights of the Sydney Motor Show, Navman unveiled four new S-Series models in its GPS range that boast a more modern, post-iPod look.

What's a show without booth babes?

Today at the Sydney Motor Show -- or the Australian International Motor Show to give it its rather windy full name -- CNET.com.au pushed its ways through a bevy of booth babes, not to mention gawking journos, to get our hands on Navman's new GPS range, the S-Series.

Aside from the new, far more pleasing, aesthetic, the S-Series features the latest 2007 (R14) Sensis maps, as well as speed and red-light camera information. During our brief time we found the screens of the S50, S80 and range-topping S90i to be sharp and bright, with pleasing clear graphics and text.

All models, except the price-conscious S30, have NavPix, a feature that allows you to navigate to geotagged images on Flickr. You'll have to download these photos in advance, though, unless you stump up AU$899 for the S90i. The most expensive model has a built-in 2-megapixel camera, allowing you to take your own geotagged images during your travels.





S90i Price AU$399 AU$499 AU$699 AU$899 On sale Now Mid-October Mid-October Mid-October Screen size 3.5-inch 4.3-inch 4.3-inch 4.3-inch Resolution 320 x 240 480 x 272 480 x 272 480 x 272 Bluetooth hands-free No Yes Yes Yes NavPix No Yes Yes Yes Text-to-speech No No Yes Yes Built-in camera No No No Yes, 2-megapixel