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New-look 'Top Gear' gets wheelspinning spin-off 'Extra Gear'

The behind-the-scenes show will see Rory Reid in the driver's seat every Sunday.

Fans will get a little extra mileage out of the new-look "Top Gear" when it hits the road this month, in the form of a behind-the-scenes spin-off.

"Extra Gear" will feature interviews and new footage covering the making of "Top Gear", in the style of programmes such as "Doctor Who Confidential". Each hour-long episode will be fronted by Rory Reid, who formerly covered cars and tech right here at CNET.

In the UK, "Extra Gear" will be available online on BBC Three and iPlayer immediately after each episode of the main show on Sunday nights. The BBC says that both programmes will be shown internationally, including on BBC America.