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New Lexus keeps its driver 'Enformed'

With Lexus' new HS 250h hybrid vehicle, the automaker has also introduced a new suite of connected cabin tech.

Lexus Enform boot screen
Similar to GM's OnStar, Lexus has debuted a suite of connected technologies for its vehicles. Lexus

Along with its new HS hybrid vehicle, Lexus has also recently unveiled a new suite of connected cabin technology called Enform.

HS 250h interior
The new Enform system makes its debut in the HS 250h in fall '09. Lexus

Enform makes use of onboard cellular equipment and the XM Radio connection to beam points of interest, traffic, weather, stocks, and even a Lexus lifestyle podcast into the vehicle and presents the data in a way that is easy for the driver to digest while behind the wheel.

For example, the XM NavWeather system offers three-day forecasts, which we've seen before, but also provides map overlays of weather alerts, allowing drivers to easily route around inclement conditions.

Check out our walk-through of Lexus' Enform technology suite.