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New Jetta snags some sweet Audi DNA

Here's a sneak peek of the next version of VW's top seller

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Here's a sneak peek at the new 2019 VW Jetta, a huge unveil for the company as it's their best selling vehicle in the U.S.

Jetta now rides on the same corporate MQB platform as the new Golf, Audi TT and A3. Coincidentally, I also see a lot of Audi DNA in the rear and side angles of the new Jetta's body. That new platform means more back seat headroom, even as the car gets a pretty sleek roofline. I don't quite agree with VW's contention that this is a four door coupe, but it is sleek with much greater curb pride.

The workhorse 1.4L turbo four gets revised and actually comes up with a little less horsepower (147) and few less pound feet of torque (180) but not enough to tell us on paper what the drive feel will be like.

$18,545 will be the new base MSRP for 2019 Jetta, shaving $100 of the previous model's sticker while VW crows about their generous 6 year/72,000 mile transferable bumper-to-bumper warranty. We'll know more details when VW does their full reveal at 10:05 am ET on Monday, January 15th. Catch it live at Roadshow.