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New Hyundai Kona teaser shows tiny crossover's front end

It looks way sharper than any current Hyundai.


Earlier this year, Hyundai gave us a very small tease of its upcoming Kona subcompact crossover. Now, we've received a much better look -- at the front end, at least.

And what we see, we like. Hyundai's standard six-sided grille makes an appearance, but everything around it is unlike most other Hyundai models. There are some incredibly thin LED lights, and there are some very strong creases just above the peepers. It looks aggressive, which modern Hyundais aren't usually known for.

Some selective brightening in post brings out a few more of those sharp hood lines, but not much else.


Strangely enough, the thin lights up top are not the headlights. They're just the running lights, and the headlights are actually below them. It's an arrangement similar to the Jeep Cherokee, which separates its lights in the same way.

It's still unclear if the Kona will make its way to the US. Right now, Hyundai is only talking about the Kona as part of its strategy in Europe, where it will become the brand's fourth crossover. It would likely sell well in the US, as the subcompact crossover segment is slowly heating up, thanks to entries like the Honda HR-V and the new Toyota C-HR. Throwing a Hyundai in the mix wouldn't be the worst business decision.

Either way, we won't be forced to watch teaser upon teaser for too long, because Hyundai has the Kona set for a summertime debut. It'll likely go on sale toward the end of the calendar year, or perhaps early in 2018.