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New Honda NSX hybrid disappoints, amazes in equal measure

The Honda NSX is one of our favourite cars of yesteryear, so we shed a nostalgic tear when we saw its successor, the Acura NSX Concept.

The Honda NSX has long been one of our favourite cars, so we shed a nostalgic tear recently when we cast an eye on its modern day successor, the Acura NSX Concept.

Our collective eyeball then shed a few tears of anger. Sure, we were pleased to see the NSX name back in the spotlight, but this thing -- this modern day abomination -- looks and functions almost nothing like the original.

The NSX Concept ditches the original's sleek, low-slung profile in favour of a generic supercar wedge shape. Its designers have also axed the flourishes that made the original such a looker. Where are the vents behind the doors, or the rear spoiler? You call those headlights?

Honda has molested the car's propulsion system too. Whereas the previous NSX was a simple, no-nonsense rear-wheel drive brute, this new concept is a hybrid. No, we kid you not -- it has a mid-mounted V6 powering the rear wheels and a pair of electric motors driving the fronts.

Damn you, Honda. But while we're cursing you, we should also probably be thanking you for dragging the NSX kicking and screaming into the 21st century. 

Its styling may be controversial, but the new NSX is still stunning. Just look at the thing -- it turns out it's the car Iron Man drives in The Avengers for goodness' sake. It redefines badassery. 

Whether it drives well is yet to be seen, but according to Acura, the new NSX "champions the true racing philosophy of an extremely favourable power-to-weight ratio". In other words, it'll probably be all types of agile.  

That's our two cents -- but tell us what you think of it. Leave your comments below or head over to our Facebook page to vent your spleen.