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New Faraday Future video offers best look yet at FF 91 electric car

Until now, the closest we've been was a demonstration at CES 2017.


Faraday Future may have unveiled its first car, the FF 91 flagship electric crossover-hatchback-thing, but the company has been largely silent since that debut in January. Today, it's offered up another look at its first foray into the industry.

Faraday Future's "Emergence" video is pretty straightforward. Its electric car drives through some serene forests in the Pacific Northwest, followed by some driving in a more urban environment. At one point, it drives past a Tesla, which I'm sure is some sort of metaphor. I didn't go to film school.

And that's it, really. Everything else we know about the car, we've gleaned from its prior presentations. It should pack 1,050 horsepower and accelerate to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds, making it quicker than a number of six-figure supercars. It'll have some degree of semi-autonomous capability, as well. When it eventually reaches production, it could cost as much as $200,000.