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New Bus for London: All aboard the £8m Routemaster revival

Boris Johnson has unveiled the New Bus for London, a shiny new take on the classic Routemaster. Hop aboard and tell us what you think


There are few things Crave likes better than classic British icons getting sleek, shiny make-overs. First it was the technicolour iPod-generation Daleks -- now it's the classic Routemaster double-decker getting a retro-futuristic sprucing-up.

The New Bus for London draws on the classic London bus design. Rubbish name, but with its swooping lines it looks the part. Initially, there'll be four of the new models on London streets. The new look was unveiled this week by everybody's favourite bumbling posho, Boris Johnson, and cost a hefty £7.8m in development and manufacture. It's designed to be greener and better ventilated -- and hopefully, less prone to catching fire -- than existing buses, but still, eight million quid?

The back of the bus features an open platform, a much-missed feature of the classic Routemaster. It can be closed off, or opened as a rear door, re-introducing hop-on hop-off bus travel to the capital. With three doors and two staircases, the New Bus for London is designed to speed up boarding and finding a seat. As long as no-one, ahem, forgets to pay.

This is isn't the most technology-related story you'll ever read, but we don't care, because it's about buses, and buses are cool, no matter what anybody else says. We know how much Londoners love moaning about transport -- and how much the rest of you love moaning about Londoners -- so make yourselves comfortable in the comments and get it off your chest. Look, there's a seat free next to the chap eating a goat sandwich and muttering to himself. All aboard!