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New British car brand Eterniti Motors promises luxury 4x4

A new British car company, Eterniti Motors, will launch at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show with a luxury 4x4.

Eterniti Hemera sketch

A new British car brand is on the way, according to Car magazine. No, seriously. Eterniti Motors has thrown caution to the wind, ignored the lessons of so many failed British automakers and is threatening to unveil itself and its first car at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

Not much is known about Eterniti Motors or its first vehicle, but we can tell you it'll be a highly customizable luxury crossover. Eterniti says it'll look roughly like the sketch above, though the final model will probably be toned down slightly--at least until the alloy wheels are smaller than the vehicle itself and users don't need to take a running leap to get inside it.

Word on the Internet suggests the Eterniti 4x4 will be a five-door model and will likely go head to head with the bonkers Aston Martin Lagonda Concept, so expect a price tag somewhere north of £150,000.

"The car will be very well equipped as standard," said a spokesperson. "But we will do whatever personalization the customer wants. If they want a diamond-encrusted roof lining, we will do it."

If you're having difficulty believing Eterniti Motors is a serious proposition, you're not alone--we're taking this news with a rather large dollop of salt. That said, Eterniti claims to have the backing of some very clever, very influential people, so it may yet pull off the surprise of the year.

"There are people with lots of experience of motorsport, luxury cars, high-performance road cars and driving experts involved," said a spokesperson. "This is a fully UK project." Right you are, boss.

Eterniti Motors promises the five-door Eterniti 4x4 will go on sale in 2012.