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Nerf Nitro lets you shoot customizable cars from Nerf guns

Is there anything else your inner (or actual) child could possibly want?!


Guns that shoot cars are no longer limited to the Grand Theft Auto modding community. Now, you can buy a Nerf blaster that does the same thing, albeit on a less destructive scale.

The Nerf Nitro line includes both blasters and launchable foam vehicles. Designed for ages 5 and up (31 is part of "and up," right?), the whole thing is basically an excuse to shoot foam vehicles into and through a variety of items, including ramps and barrels.

One set even has fake little rings of fire. Shut up and take my money!


This is one set that doesn't have you playing commando and hitting your little sibling in the eye from across the room. In fact, there's a safety button that prevents the blaster from firing unless it's placed on a flat surface to prevent exactly that scenario from occurring. Just don't tell your kids you can probably tape that button down.

The whole line will include more than 48 different vehicles in different sets at different prices, from the $49.99, 24-piece Motofury Rapid Rally set to the $19.99, eight-piece Throttleshot Blitz assortment. Yes, all the names sound like Guy Fieri recipes. Other sets include multi-car blasters and additional craziness. You can also buy extra cars in packs of three or six, because, let's be honest, you're going to lose a few.

And since different packs contain different cars, and the cars themselves are customizable, your little one will likely tug at your pant leg until you drop a sufficient amount of coin to amass a small army of vehicle styles and obstacle types. Adulthood sure is a blast, ain't it?

Nerf Nitro hits shelves this summer, just in time for summer break. What a coincidence!