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NBA zooms in to make games more mobile friendly

The NBA's new Mobile View puts fans even closer to the action with zoomed-in shots on its League Pass subscription service.

The NBA is getting up close and personal for fans watching games on their mobile devices.

Basketball fans catching Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving slash to the hoop on their phones and tablets will now have the option of zooming in on the action through the league's new Mobile View feature.

The feature will debut on the League Pass subscription service when the NBA tip offs its new season Tuesday night. The streaming option from NBA Digital comes less than a week after the league said it will broadcast one game each week in virtual reality.

The NBA expects that the Mobile View feature will be popular because more than 70 percent of fans with a League Pass watch on mobile devices, said Melissa Rosenthal Brenner, the league's senior vice president of digital media. When the league experimented with showing game highlights in traditional view and mobile view on social media last season, more than twice the number of fans preferred watching the tighter shots over the regular view, she said.

"The Mobile View shows the game in a more compelling way and we felt the need to make the changes to provide the best viewing possible," she said.

To make it all work, all 29 NBA arenas have been installed with new cameras and each game will have a mobile producer on-site to help capture the action from various angles, said Mark Johnson, Turner Sports senior vice president for digital media.

"We think the fans will definitely enjoy this new viewing experience," he said.