Navigon splits the U.S. into bite-size pieces

With its new MyRegion apps, Navigon gives users the ability to buy the MobileNavigator app loaded only with the maps for their region of the United States.

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Navigon MyRegion icon
With MyRegions, users can choose maps for only their third of the United States. Navigon

Navigon has taken its MobileNavigator app for iPhone and split it into three.

More specifically, the new MobileNavigator MyRegion apps take Navigon's United States map data and breaks it into three regions: East, Central, and West. People who don't stray too far from home can simply grab the region of their choosing to get from point A to B for a reduced entry cost. If you decide to add more maps--for example, to plan a family vacation in another region--the omitted maps can be added later as an in-app purchase.

Navigon says that there is no additional download required to add the additional maps, so we can assume only that the full United States' worth of data is included in each app and is merely locked out until paid for. So, if space on your iPhone is at a premium, you probably won't be saving any room by opting for the slimmer map package.

Aside from the lower price and fewer states, all of the features of the full MobileNavigator are included in the MyRegion apps, such as advanced lane guidance, text-to-speech, and available traffic data. Additionally, Navigon has rolled in a new feature called MyRoutes, which offers multiple routes to a chosen destination and learns based on your driving behaviors. MyRoutes will be added to the full MobileNavigator app in an upcoming 1.5 update.

The three MobileNavigator MyRegion apps are available in the iTunes App Store for an introductory price of $24.99 each. Additional regions can be unlocked as in-app purchases for $12.99 each. After April 12, however, those prices will jump up to $29.99 for the app and $14.99 for the additional regions. Unlocking the full U.S. in this fashion will then cost about $60 at the regular prices. For $79.99, you could download the standard MobileNavigator app with full U.S. and Canadian map data. Additionally, traffic data can be added to any version of MobileNavigator for a one-time in-app fee of $24.99.