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NASCAR stars take a ride in updated Dodge Challenger

This past Sunday Dodge president Mike Accavitti pledged his commitment of the Dodge brand within NASCAR racing. This video shows NASCAR clients Kurt Busch, Kasey Kahne, and Bobby Labonte taking a recently updated edition of the Dodge Challenger out for a


At the end of this last weekend's activity in and around the Carfax 250 in Michigan, Dodge president and CEO Mike Accavitti officially declared that the car manufacturer was dedicated to contributing vehicle and automotive technology to NASCAR. Although economic crises and bankruptcy have made it ideal for Dodge to scale back their resources and direct contributions to the sport, Dodge maintains that they will continue to represent within the arguably biggest auto racing league in the world.

Currently, Dodge backs two multicar teams in NASCAR - Penske Championship Racing and Richard Petty Motorsports. Three stars who are and/or have been affiliated with those teams - namely Kurt Busch, Kasey Kahne and Bobby Labonte - were selected to drive and critique a newly revamped (as of 2007) Dodge Challenger back in 2007. The drivers and video viewers get a good look at the body and exterior of this refined automobile (which certainly resembles the Dodge Charger, as one driver acknowledges), and finally the boys get behind the wheel to take the new Challenger out for a NASCAR-styled test drive. These race car drivers appear to be having a good time pushing the Challenger and testing its abilities for high speeds, turns and braking, and it appears that they like what they're seeing and feeling within this car. If Dodge can continue to crank out vehicles that resemble and handle like muscle cars, then I see no reason why Dodge won't have a place in modern auto racing.