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NASCAR champ breaks world record for longest Hot Wheels track

Joey Logano built the track in his garage and it became a Guinness-certified world record.

World record for longest Hot Wheels track
Just a part of the massive track the team constructed.
Hot Wheels

Joey Logano knows a thing or two about driving on the track as the 2018 NASCAR Cup champion, but he took the time to tackle a different kind of track recently -- an orange track.

Logano last Thursday broke the Guinness World Record for the longest Hot Wheels racetrack. It measures a whopping 1,941 feet long. And I thought my little orange circuits that took up a few feet at best were cool as a child. Logano said the attempt, and eventual world record, was a "childhood dream come true."

World record for longest Hot Wheels track

The track zipped past quite a few of Logano's personal cars. Yes, he has a Hot Wheels Mustang.

Hot Wheels

The NASCAR champion and crew built the whole track inside Logano's personal garage, but it's not a simple loop or oval. Instead, the track weaves through Logano's personal car collection and all throughout the garage. The race car driver pushed the Hot Wheel through 122 boosters before momentum allowed the toy car to continue the rest of the way.

At the end, Logano was there to receive the Hot Wheel at the finish line and the track ended inside his 2018 Hot Wheels Ford Mustang. It's a fitting car to end in since Logano has his own Mustang Hot Wheel coming to the famed toy car line next summer.

So, if you want to make it into the record books this Thanksgiving weekend, you'll need 1,942 feet of Hot Wheels track to make it happen.

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