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NASCAR Dodge Racing Engine: Music to My Ears

There's nothing quite like the roar of an 800 horsepower engine, especially if it's up close. Turn up your speakers and enjoy the sweet, sweet tones of the Nascar R5/P7 Dodge racing engine.


Sure, we've all probably heard loud racing engines from the stands and sidelines in the open air. But have you ever heard an 800 horsepower engine within four walls, up close at speeds up to 9000 RPM? If you haven't, then this video should serve as a decent substitute as we fire up a Lucas Oil's R5/P7 Dodge Sprint Cup race engine and let that baby scream!

This video, produced by the fine folks at, hook up the R5/P7 engine to the dyno and rev that hunk of steel at speeds that eventually cross the 9000 RPM mark and pushing the engine's 800 HP capacity to its limits. Throughout the video you'll get glimpses at the engine's stats, noting oil usage, fuel efficiency, and more. But to me, this video is all about listening to this powerful race engine roar (for maximum effect, hook your computer up to your home stereo and blast it top volume for a fun way to scare your neighbors). Yeah, this video isn't all that exciting to watch, but that's not the point; to quote Public Enemy, it's time to turn it up and bring the noise!