Name That Ride Is Like Wordle for Car Fans

Eagle-eyed car geeks, your time has come.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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Start sharpening your make/model skills, you never know when they'll come in handy.

Name That Ride

Ah, Wordle. It feels like a million years ago since you swung into our pandemic life, offering a quick way to remind everyone that they know fewer five-letter words than they think. It may have lost some luster with certain fans when the creator sold it to The New York Times, but that's what clones are for, and the latest guessing-game distraction will be a fun one for car fans.

Name That Ride is all about testing your knowledge of specific makes and models. Playing is devilishly simple. You have 20 seconds to guess what vehicle is pictured as chunks of the image slowly appear on the screen. When you're ready, hit the Guess button to pause the timer and input your choice.

Thankfully, you don't have to be pitch-perfect down to the model year; there's a preset list of cars, so even if all you can venture is a crack at the make, the list may help you narrow it down to a model. And the game isn't trying to shove you into a "gotcha" moment -- you won't be stuck waffling between whether that old car is a 1988 or a 1989. The model year is listed, but (spoiler alert) in the case of the Porsche 944 in today's puzzle, only a single model year was available to choose.

If your phone's browser isn't permanently in incognito mode, there are stats you can chase as well. Name That Ride tracks your total plays, win rate, win streak and your longest win streak to date. You can also go back in time and play rounds from days past, just in case you missed one. And if you run through the whole collection, the group behind Name That Ride also runs Posterdle, which is the same premise but with movie posters.