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My Favorite Cars Pt. 4: Mustang vs. Z Series

Today we get a look at two of my favorite car models for the price of one - the Ford Mustang and Nissan's Z Series.


You know, I'm a big fan of Mustangs, both past and present. They're the classic American muscle car. But I'm also a fan of the Nissan Z series (my favorite model being the 300ZX, but I think they're all pretty sweet) as it's a fun, semisporty Japanese cruising machine. While I was searching for video for this week's blog series dedicated to my favorite cars, I found a video that had not just one but two of my fave rides--the Mustang and the Nissan 370Z. So here it in depth look at recent editions of these storied automobiles.

This video from compares a couple of the newest editions of the Ford Mustang and Nissan 370Z in terms of engine size, acceleration time, interior space, and pricing. As the video points out, the cars are very comparable in nearly every way--including cost. While I do prefer the old school makes of these cars (I prefer '60s Mustangs and early '90s Nissan Zs), both of these cars are reasonably economical, powerful and still stylish in the new millennium.