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My Favorite Cars 5: A real-life Batmobile

In the final installment of this week's blog series dedicated to my favorite cars, here we have a real-life Batmobile straight from the UK.


All this week I've been dedicating my video blog to my dream cars--cars that I'd love to own but alas never have. If money were no object, I could reasonably own every car on this shortlist. However, there is one dream car that I could probably never, ever own and that's one of the most badass vehicles ever built...the Batmobile!

Now this isn't your parents' Batmobile. This is a specially built take on the modern interpretation of the Batmobile built by British entrepeneur Paul Garlick. He was apparently commissioned to make a replica of the famed Bat vehicle, and put together this incredible real-life take on the Batmobile. The cost of building this bad boy (or should I say Batboy?) was supposedly 150,000 pounds. Wow. Anyway, this vehicle is a Hot Wheels car brought to life, and man, is it breathtaking. Unfortunately, you'll probably never see it on the roadway, as it isn't street legal. But still the thought of racing the streets of Gotham or the English countryside in this super-hero car is a fantasy that if it ever came true would be like living in a comic book, and that's a place I wouldn't mind finding myself.