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My Favorite Camaro: '69, dude!

Here we get to check out a restored 1969 Chevy Camaro LSX as put together by YearOne and on display at a SEMA Show.


One good thing about when I get flamed on this blog is sometimes it gives me ideas for things to search for video to use within this forum. A couple days ago, a reader mentioned that I should go to the upcoming SEMA Show that will take place the first week of November in Las Vegas. Of course, I'd love to go but unfortunately my day job takes precedence and I won't be able to get away. Sigh. Anyway, I'd recently been writing about Camaros, and coincidentally I stumbled upon a Camaro vid taken from a SEMA event roughly a year ago. I thought this was all a sign, so it made it onto my blog for today - a perfect Sunday clip, and here it is.

I had mentioned before in this blog that my favorite Chevy Camaro was the 1969, and here we got a Camaro as restored by YearOne. Here Kevin King from Y1 discusses how they were approached to create basically a new car out of an existing Camaro, changed its color from blue to lightning yellow, dropped in the LSX engine and customized to Nth degree. While King does a good job explaining what all was done to this car, I think the images speak for themselves.