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Muscle, hustle, new wave and classics: Our week on Instagram

I hope you weren't expecting something wildly poignant in this week's sub-headline.

Despite having the job of managing Roadshow's social media channels, I always wake up on Friday, nervous that I'll check both our and Carfection's Instagram accounts, only to see 0 new posts in the past week. But let's be real, that's never going to happen. We're just too damn busy.

It's been a very German week for the chaps at Carfection. They've got their hands on BMW's latest water-injected majesty, the M4 GTS. Carfection also acquired a new piece of furniture, which we're sure Drew will put to use as he barks at Alex in an authoritarian manner. There's also a 911 GT3 RS in the rain, because why not?

Roadshow's been hella busy, too. We've been getting up close and personal with the Mini Clubman, the Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible and the new Audi A4. I also got cozy with fellow auto writer Craig Cole's 1936 Ford, which recently completed a round trip between the Detroit area and the venerable Road America, situated several hours away in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. It's in staggeringly wonderful condition.