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Multicar crash at Daytona

The Daytona 500 is this Sunday, but the on-track action has already begun as seen in this practice clip featuring a nasty three car collision.

I'm sure all of you auto racing fans are looking forward to this weekend, as on Sunday, Nascar presents one of the most famous events in modern racing history: the Daytona 500. The action at Daytona International Speedway is already underway with the Budweiser Shootout practice that took place last week, and if you think it was an uneventful precursor to the big race at Daytona this Sunday, then you were wrong. Why? Because Nascar got a start to its 2010 season not with a bang, but with a crunch as multiple cars became entangled in a nasty bang-up that is neatly packaged here in this video.

The crash occurred during the first practice session for the Budweiser Shootout on Thursday of last week. Denny Hamlin bumped Mark Martin from behind, and from there a few more cars became collateral damage in the incident. One thing I love about these Nascar videos is that you get to see how the wreck occurred from multiple vantage points around the track as well as within the cars.